You are the apple of my eye


Three things I like in this movie:

1. About: school, first love, friendship - always my favourite genres.

2. From: Taiwan - their culture is quite familiar with my country’s.

3. Music: very nice

In 1994 while they were in high school, I was still a small boy. However, many things in this movie: friendship, daily telephone conversation, bicycle, are what my high school life was made of. It makes me feel nostalgic.

Similar movie: I feel something quite hard to describe after watching this. But I know it the same feel from when I watched: 5cm/s, Proposal Daisakusen, Onani Master Kurosawa (it’s a manga though)

The very first thing I do when I finish an interesting movie, music album, or a story, is searching for similar things. This is where Collective Intelligence plays its part.

1. IMDB can show me some “people who liked this also liked”. But most of the time, these recommendations do not work. I think that they only rank similar movies based on genre (which is very general and only used to give people some idea of what a movie is about) and another movies that people also liked.

2. Rotten Tomatoes is much better because users make recommendations and rate them. However, not many of them watch Asian movies.

Other than these two sites, I don’t know a good source to go search for Asian movie recommendation (two lazy to surf forums).

Maybe when I finish my capstone project, I will begin my research to create one: skyscrape some website that contains a lot of information, mining those data, machine learning to improve the results …

First post

About me:

I’m Linh, 22, from Vietnam.

Things I like:

Movie, music, anime, maybe some quote from 9gag =]


I’m currently interested in web architecture, image retrieval, scalability, saas. However, I haven’t done many coding.

Why blog?

1. Tumblr is beautiful.

2. I write things down to understand them better.

3. There are many things I don’t know where to share.

4. My memory is bad.

5. I hope that my post can be useful to someone